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Gustave Caillebotte - The Floor Scrapers (1875-6)

Original on top, later version below

"Despite the effort Caillebotte put into the painting, it was rejected by France’s most prestigious art exhibition, The Salon, in 1875. The depiction of working-class people in their trade, not fully clothed, shocked the jurors and was deemed a ‘vulgar subject matter.’ 

The images of the floor scrapers came to be associated with Degas’s paintings of washerwomen, also presented at the same exhibition and similarly scorned as ‘vulgar’”.


Actors/writers praising Sophie and Sansa

Kit Harington:

"I really like Sansa in the books. I have no objections to her at all. I think she’s misguided in a lot of ways, but she’s by no means in any way lesser than any of the other children. I think she does some brilliant things in the books." 

"You know who I really like and is turning into a really interesting character: Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). She quite often is typecast as this little weepy girl, and what Sophie brings to that role is great."

"I think the very very interesting storyline is Sansa’s. Whereas Sansa’s always been the down beaten one, the one who’s had a really hard time, she starts fighting back which is really interesting. And I think Sophie Turner’s an incredible young actress."

Peter Dinklage:

"I’m just lucky enough to work with people like Sophie Turner, who is just, I think, one of my favourite actors"

 ”Sophie’s the best! I had so much fun working with her.”

Natalie Dormer:

"I have this sincere love and respect for this wonderful blossoming that’s happening in young Sophie as an actress"

"I remember this day and I remember the way Sophie, on her own, completely naturally cried on and off for hours. It was the most beautiful, natural performance. I know teenagers, they have hormones going around, but it was natural tears the entire time. She was beautiful"

"It was really good this season to join the family proper, you know? Really get in there and… [smiles at Sophie] …hang out with you.”

Sibel Kekilli:

"She’s like every 17-year-old girl, freaking out for Justin Bieber. [Laughs] She makes jokes of my English. She keeps telling me wrong words in English, and I believe her, so I will use these words, and in the end, she’ll start to laugh at me. “These are the wrong English words. I was just making fun of you.” That’s really mean! But that’s Sophie. I love her."

"I love Sophie! I feel like a mother—she’s growing so fast! She’s so tall, too! She was a kid in the first season, and now she’s a young woman, even more beautiful. I feel like I have to take care of her in private life. I love her."

"Last season, she had a really difficult scene where she had to cry as she watched Littlefinger’s ship leave without her. It was such a heartbreaking scene, and she did it so well—she couldn’t stop crying! She’s a really good actress."
"I got to see a lot of great actors — young actors — children, like Sophie (Turner). Seeing her grow up was very special."

Alex Graves:

One of my favourite scenes, actually, and Sophie really came into her own and is so wonderful in it, is the scene with Littlefinger, it’s the ‘Trial of Littlefinger’ as we called it. That scene is brilliant, and she’s incredible, they all are, but that’s the beginning of a big storyline and especially with Sophie pulling off the shell game of the trial.”

Bryan Cogman:

"Now I think Sansa gets a bad rap. I’m gonna— I’m gonna address some critics of Sansa. She is one of my favorite characters, and I have great affection for her as a character.  […] I think Sansa— she’s been told that the world is a certain way, and through the course of this season and indeed the series finds out that it’s not. And some people find her behavior annoying and selfish, but she’s a kid—she’s a teenage girl, you know.  I think in many ways some of the stuff she does in the later episodes are every bit as heroic as the things that Arya does. She just has to play a different game than Arya.”

"If you had to pick one character to give a hug, who would it be? I hemmed and hawed and went with Sansa"


"Sansa has been a piece that other people have moved about the board to achieve their own goals - using her, discarding her, using her for a different purpose. You’re going to marry Joffrey - no, you’re going to marry Loras. You’re going to marry Tyrion. She’s beginning to at least try to understand how she can play the game of thrones and be not a piece but a player - with her own goals, and moving other pieces around. And she’s not a warrior like Robb, Jon… she’s not even a wild child like Arya, she can’t fight with swords, but she has her wits"

"[Who’s your favourite character] Tyrion, because he’s the wittiest. But I like them all. I like Arya, Dany and Sansa […]"


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